MCM South Africa launches the new Lift Access Platform Attachment. This attachment is compatible on MCM’s CL-Range Multi-Function Loaders as well as the ML-Range Mini Loaders. Simply hooking into the attachment’s hitch plate, lock the pins in place and you’re all set.


MCM designed and built the first Lift Access Platform attachment for a client who needed a faster solution for the installation of greenhouse tunnels in the Western Cape of South Africa. The alternative is either scaffolding which is very time consuming, or the rental of crane equipment which is very costly.

A BETTER solution?
MCM offers our new Lift Access Platform to clients who require lift heights up to 7m / 23ft when equipped with the CL50 model Compact Loader, and up to 6m / 20ft when equipped with the CL40 model Compact Loader.

MCM has designed the platform attachment with safety as a vital component. The Lift Operator clips into the attachment with a safety harness. And there are a number of features planned for our next design. Ease of use is also a key focus, which is why we added an access ladder for the operator.

The CL-Range Compact Loaders have H-Frame Booms/Masts which increase stability. In addition to this, the wide wheel track and increased ground clearance adds to safety and stability.

See the Lift Access Platform in action in the video below!