MCM is an abbreviation for Multi-Construction Machines.

MCM SA is the South African distributor of MCM products and equipment. MCM Group is an international company that sells machines around the world through its distributor channels. We partner with the most important brands and have a number of experts in the field on our team, ensuring we bring our clients a machine that focuses on performance and price. Our manufacture process occurs around the world for various parts, and the final assembly is done at a number of our factories in China.

Our machines have proven for years that they are strong and reliable in the harshest conditions of Australia, Europe, America, and of course, Africa. The MCM SA family continues to grow faster and faster as we assist customers just like you find a solution to best meet their machinery needs.

MCM uses engines from Yanmar, Kohler, Honda, Perkins, Changchai, etc. and pairs up all the other components around the world that are amongst the best in the particular field. We focus on local support of parts. Most of the engines we install are also used by other common machines in SA, allowing local parts that are compatible with MCM machines to be purchased easily.


  • MCM machines sold in SA were designed and built specifically for the South African market according to MCM SA’s specifications. This means our machines are straight-forward, strong, durable and reliable. We have removed a number of unnecessary electrical and other components that increase the chances of equipment malfunction and instead. Instead, we focus on performance and durability, as our machines were designed to get the job done, saving you time and money doing it.
  • Our parts are very cost-effective because they do not go through an extensive chain of industry middlemen who each add a margin.
  • We are always online for technical assistance, part service, client service and other after-sale services.
  • We are a family. Each new client is welcomed and seen as a partner.

The MCM family continues to grow both in range and performance-enhancing features. This means that no matter what project you are involved in, there is a MCM solution that can help you finish your work faster, safer, and more profitably.


We look forward to doing business with you