The T250 was designed to move more material with greater efficiency. With articulated steering, telescopic reach, and compatibility with an extensive range of attachments, MCM’s Telescopic Loaders deliver all the benefits of a wheel loader and a telescopic handler in ONE SINGLE machine.

The T250 is powered by a 76kW (102HP) efficient 4-Cylinder Turbo Yunnei engine with high torque at low revs for reduced fuel consumption and optimum Torque. All of this adds up to a lift capacity of 2.5 tons and a high stacking, dumping and load-over height of 5.1 m (16.7ft), making it is possible to load and unload high-sided trailers.

  • T250 Telescopic Loader MCM Telehandler
  • T250 Telescopic Loader MCM Telehandler03
  • T250 Telescopic Loader Operator Cabin
  • MCM T250 Cabin Interior


The new cabin build is functional, intuitive and convenient to operate. The rounded front and rear windows, the openly designed glass roof and the low operator dashboard ensure an excellent 360° operator visibility.

The LCD display with built-in reversing camera provides added reversing guidance for the operator. The air conditioned cabin enables the operator to control cabin temperature. There are also a number of additional features that all add up to a comfortable operator experience, limiting operator fatigue and enabling maximum performance.


With 104 l/min, fast and powerful work cycles are a matter of course. The telescopic wheel loader is equipped with a hydraulic controlled quick hitch system enabling the operator to switch between various available attachments within a short time. The strong hydraulic performance makes it possible to run a wide range of MCM attachments such as grapples, forks, sweepers, mixers, shears, mulchers and many more.