On the morning of 21st July, MCM South Africa held the first of three demonstrations of the CL40 model Compact Loader and MS30 Mini Skidsteer in the Overberg Region in Western Cape, South Africa. It was the start of three fantastic consecutive days with lots of interest, feedback, collaboration and networking. It was only made possible by our SA Team, and the owner of each farm and for them we are very thankful.

  • CL40 Multi Loader Articulating
  • CL40 Loader Multi Functional South Africa
  • CL40 Loader Multi Functional Articulating
  • MS30 Mini Skidsteer Loaded Onto Trailer
  • MS30 Mini Skidsteer Grapple Logging
  • MS30 Mini Skidsteer with auger

A number of useful attachments where demonstrated; auger, trencher, multi-purpose bucket, leveler, side-shift forks and buckets. The fact that these loaders, the CL-Range and MS-Range can be equipped with over 60 different attachments is a huge plus. It all comes down to multi-functionality. What are the applications I can use one machine for… The CL-Range for example can be used as an excavator, loader, landscaper, trencher, fence-installer, street, yard and floor sweeper, pressure washer, brush cutter and the list is really extensive! That means you need one machine. One machine for multiple tasks.

MCM South Africa launched the CL-Range in 2018 in South Africa and has gained considerable traction in the market. We believe the CL-Range Articulating Loaders have so much to offer farmers, contractors, municipalities, diy-enthusiasts, plumbers and electricians and various other sectors.

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