MCM’s CL Series in addition to being a telescopic front-end loader, is also a more efficient, powerful and compact machine. It’s standard bucket can be removed and replaced by one of our many available attachments within seconds and turned into a forklift, concrete mixer, trencher, excavator, telescopic lawn mower, sweeper, leveler, buldozer and so much more!

Landbou Weekblad

MCM featured in the Landbou Weekblad, 6 March edition.

In addition, MCM offers favorable leasing options with tax benefits.

All three models in the CL-Range are equipped with Yanmar engines, but cheaper engine options are also available. Other options are the closed cabin with A/C, two-speed motors, additional hydraulic points front or rear and a three-point hook at the back. All our models have direct hydrostatic 4WD. The hydostatic transmission and motor on every wheel provides excellent traction and handling even in tough terrains.

MCM offers three CL-Models:
CL30 (22.4 kW/30HP).
CL40 (26.9 kW/36HP).
CL50 (37.3 kW/50HP).

For material handling or similar operations; each model has built-in self-leveling to ensure the load stays level during upward and downward movement of the telescopic boom. This is ideal for handling a pallet fork, bale fork, etc.

The CL50 can lift up to 1.5 tons, while the telescopic arm can be extended up to 4.5m high. Their compact size allows these Multi Loaders to reach the most challenging areas that may have restricted available space, narrow corridors, chicken farms, horse stables, feedlots, etc.

The ROPS safety frame and FOPS canopy for safety is standard on all three models with a cabin or steel canopy, from which the operator has excellent 360 degree visibility.

Visit MCM in May on Nampo at Bothaville this year.